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The bike project – part 1
July 15, 2008, 4:06 pm
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Remember this guy Dave with his 100-things-challenge ?

I was recently thinking about that a little longer and wondered what I would and could not give up or away or … just not keep it anymore and I found it impossible already thinking about it. Since I love the idea, though, I figured I’d do the small version and “downsize” my bike to 100 parts. When I did research on the internet, I found out that someone invented that already and it’s basically called “a single speed bike”, which was actually the sort of first bike in the world but after the gears, uhm no sorry years… I meant, gearshifts came up and nobody (except for the dutch) thought of single-gear-bikes anymore.

So I figured “what the heck, just do it!” and here we are:

That’s the bike in its pretty disastrous condition:

It weighs about a ton and the two wheel rims have been being dead ever since they hit a curbstone at about 40 km/h. (I suffered from bruised wrists weeks after it).

So, basically 24 gears are 23 too many if you want to go single-speed, right? And this is the point where you have to chose. So the first step includes the commitment to ONE gear.
But which one?


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