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Reunion 2008
July 27, 2008, 8:04 pm
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There comes a time when people that haven’t seen each other in a while … have to meet again which basically means: reunion of Parks Ontario staff 2000/01 … and special guests of course. This time we met in the far north because some people (and not maybe a couple of people) had to pass their boating license in the need of many happy nautic miles.

After a looooong drive …

… we finally arrived and started right away to keep up with each others lifes: Some people showed a sneak preview of their recent movies, some showed photos from their recent worldtours, some told of their new jobs and cars and some others handed out newspaper articles that they had written.

After a great dinner we went for a walk and visited the most famous tourist attraction in town …

… lateron we fell dead to bed to wake up at 7:00 on saturday morning. After the drive to Kiel certain people got dropped off to go sightseeing and shoeshopping and others passed their boating license. In the afternoon we joined each other again at the beach to have a couple of beers and enjoy the sun, the sand, the seagulls and the ugly naked guy… .

After a short recovery and a couple of more beers we went out for mexican food and cocktails. What a great weekend guys! Thanks so much! See you all next year! And keep your 2010s Septembers free, neat and tidy!


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