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The bike project – part 6
August 29, 2008, 11:53 pm
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Finally done!

… or almost finally. If I got rid of the little Ahead spacer tower, it’d be REALLY done but other than that: I would have almost killed a man in a wheelchair today who was suddenly appearing – and absolutely invisible to the naked eye – behind a parking truck. (I must add, that the man was pushed by an older lady.) In the last split second I pulled over to the left so that his foot only slightly touched my backwheel … and a split second later I was already gone.

Fame and glory, fame and glory … I know!

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also anna, die gabel sieht echt abgefahren aus. echt klasse. vor allem originell. and i have a soft spot for seemingly impossible (and sometimes to other people seemingly useless) projects. probably because i would never start them. and because i admire people who do.

are you serious about this one gear business?

the whole bike looks pretty damn cool – yet my pragmatic side says – hey, where’s the gepäckträger?? cuz riding a cool bicycle with a backpack, to me, eliminates all coolness in a second…

ps. i am just reading maybe the most important book of my life. i will write you an email about that.

lots of love, m.

Comment by mary-lou

Not a backpack! Of course not! I ride it with a f*ck’n cool Umhängetasche in bright orange that reads “ZDF – Werbefernsehen”… I know that’s ridiculous but sometimes the most ridiculous things are what they call the movies of tomorrow (Charlie Chaplin)… .

But you are right: Besides the Gepäckträger, the Schutzbleche are missing, too … which sucks for this rainy town. In these (not too rare) cases I trade in the singlespeed “Cityflitzer” for my regular “Stadtschlampe”, a Hollandrad from the late 1930s … that you actually fixed the tires from last time you were here ;).

Comment by a0315

Man, this is bikeporn!


Comment by John

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