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Oh, say can’t you see …?
November 6, 2008, 1:21 pm
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The united states of America have voted! The 44th president is Barack Obama and I am happy for all Americans. … despite of what Sarah Palin might say. Actually, what did she say? I haven’t heard a lot from her recently. I wonder why that is. Well, at least she’ll be back in Alaska right in time for moose hunting season.


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heh! xxx

my mom just said to me on the phone, that she’s coming with me to the next castor blockade (well, demonstration to start with). i asked her if she was joking… no. not joking. can’t tell you how happy that makes me.

queers and their mom stellen sich quer. the next randgruppe at the national anti-nuclear anything demonstration. cheers, the m.

Comment by mary-lou

Woohooo! I’m really happy for you! How cool is this? Or, how cool can it get? I think my mom would decline the offer … although … I don’t know. Cause she has been demonstrating all these mondays about 19 years ago… .

Just watch yourselves, o.K.? Saw it on the news and those water throwing devices looked scary to me.

Thanks that you’re doing this ’cause someone has to do it.

Comment by Anna

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