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Breaking NEWS – The Usual Madness selected for Moves ‘n’ Movies Festival in Stuttgart
November 14, 2008, 2:15 pm
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I guess I lied a bit when I said that The Usual Madness would premiere in Münster on the 6th of December as the supporting movie for the E.O.F.T. Now it is going to premiere – one week earlier – on the 29th of November in Korb / Stuttgart at Moves ‘n’ Movies, the first German film festival for climbing movies and here’s what I found in my mailbox earlier today from the festival committee.

Wir hatten insgesamt 19 Einsendungen, viele davon von nicht- bis semi-professionellen Nachwuchsfilmern. Insgesamt vier davon werden wir am 29. November prämieren, im Abendprogramm zeigen werden wir 9 der 19 Filme. […] Euer Film “The Usual Madness” ist dabei in die engere Auswahl gekommen, wir werden ihn beim Filmfestival zeigen. Welche Filme wir am 29. November  tatsächlich prämieren werden, können wir euch aber verständlicherweise noch nicht sagen. Es soll ja noch ein bisschen spannend bleiben für alle.

Of course we are more than flabbergasted and off to Stuttgart in two weeks to attend the whole thing. A detailed report will follow. 😉


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ähh, say what?
they get 75 points taken away for not being able to express themselves clearly…
“engere Auswahl” oder “werden…zeigen”?
4 or 9 movies? yes or no?

my brother wanted to come that weekend… but he would come another weekend too. if you’re coming for sure, then either a.j.shanti or serdar somuncu will be playing without me in the audience. which could still happen even if you don’t come. if you come, which i would be extremely happy about :), would you get here friday night or saturday?

i wrote a comment last night but it disappeared. talk to you on the phone later, m.

Comment by mary-lou

O.k., it’s set. Arrival Friday night, housewarming party at Delphine’s place, drink some, sleep well, head downtown Stuttgart to brunch with you on Saturday morning, sightsee, head to festival, attend festival, drink some (without alcohol), drive home or maybe drink some, stay over night, drive home early.

I think I might film the whole thing… and air it here. 😉

Comment by Anna

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