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How Neo-Folk met Jazz, Soul and 60s Sciencefictiontrash…
November 16, 2008, 8:03 pm
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… and gave birth to a new era of live performance.

The most stunning woman live, Joan Wasser

When I went to see Joan As Police Woman, I was prepared to see a good Neo-Folk / Indie-Rock concert and expected nothing else. As Joan sneaked through the crowd 20 minutes before taking the stage, ducking in a pink down cloak, I frowned a bit. 30 minutes later I decided to join the mesmerized crowd, just starring at what she dragged along with her on stage: an extraordinary bass player with the most beautiful eyes, heavy makeup and the most stunning breast hair and this little Mexican-looking drum wizard – both painting a wonderful acoustic picture of what could be Soul-Jazz / Avant-Garde, always in perfect timing and with just the right amount of arrangements … spilling nothing but joy.

Joan, giving it up for Timo Ellis on bass

They played the hell out of the Gleis 22 – both visually and acoustically. A gorgeous voice and a perfect sound (Kudos to the technicians … I never thought that the Gleis could sound like this) framed this night. Joan, herself, was just amazing. She took off so many times, dove through her songs, was way out there, and came back after every song to connect with the crowd – a thing you wouldn’t think to be possible of someone who wore golden thermos-high-heels, a 60s Science Fiction Barbarella outfit and the wildest eye make up.
She must love dressing up different for any other show and I would have given a lot to see the crowd through her eyes. Thinking that her performance differs with every night she plays, makes me want to see more of her shows. I already wonder what her Dec. 2nd show would be like and I honestly think of going to Holland – this is geeky and I admit it, but she just keeps me caught with her performance and songs. She definitely kept me speechless with “Anyone” and stunned me with “To America” and I wonder whether this would happen again.

It hardly gets cooler than these golden thermos-high-heels

She still tours through Germany, soon through the UK. If there’s one recommendation I can give you today, than it’s this: You gotta go see her.

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I saw her in Amsterdam last night, my first time seeing them live, oh they were so great! One of my favourite moments in the show was during “I Defy” when they each sang a bit of the lyrics in succession.

Searching around for photos of their other gigs (which is how I found your site), it seems she picks out a unique fancy outfit for each gig. We lucked out and got to see a very stunning glitter dress + afro wig combo 😀

Comment by Milo

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