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A Songbird with New Songs: Wallis Bird Rocked the Gleis 22!
November 19, 2008, 2:31 pm
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Whoever of you thought “Ah … nah, can’t come, got something else planned.” Well, … wrong decision people, wroooong decision!

Wallis was beyond great as usual. It took her two minutes to make the venue a dancing palace, people just loved her. About half of the set contained her new stuff and it never occured to me once that something sounded raw or unfinished. I am convinced that you don’t even need to buy the next album to get into the songs more, because they grow on you live in an instant. (Which does not mean that it wouldn’t be money well spent to actually buy the album.)

Wallis Bird and band

Aidan, Wallis’ support, backed her up on vocals, keyboards and percussion and jumped in for Aoife O’ Sullivan. I have to admit that I missed her violin/viola play and her harmonies. I still feel that Wallis and her voice go really nicely together.

Wallis, giving 100 %

I love the “To my bones” song, which works really well, live. On a far quieter note “Meal of convenience” and this song that went “My heart is married to someone else […] my heart is married to you” are also really great songs, especially the last one. It made me goosebumps. When she came out after the show, I was wanting to ask her whom she wrote it about but then thought this question to be inappropriate since really: it is none of my business. I am more than happy that she shares her songwriting with the world.
The Vinne brothers and Wallis with a rather interesting facial expression

Since it took an eternity to play a second concert at the local venue (where eternity = 6 months), I hope that it will take her another eternity to be back here soon. She will play in Hamburg on Sunday. If some of you “Hamburgers” can make it, just do it. It’ll make your night, your week or even your month.

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