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Some Chords, some Tunes and a PowerPoint presentation – Sarah Bettens on Tour
November 21, 2008, 1:18 pm
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Knowing that she has never been the person of grand words or an overwhelmingly communicative behaviour, it should not have been so much surprising that she chose a tape recorder to connect her stage performance with the expectations of the listener, visually accompanied by some black and white PowerPoint slides. It were great words by great artists, mostly spoken a long time ago, mostly reflecting stardom or the music business in general. Once someone else finished his or her meaningful quote, Sarah played a couple of chords and started to sing again, which she is just great at, don’t get me wrong. However, as soon as the song was over and a shy smile later, the next PowerPoint slide lit up and some clanging speakerphone voice went off to say something meaningful again. 


Once in a while Sarah added a couple of words to it – pretty much after every 3rd or 4th song and the crowd went “Oooouuh” and “Aaahhh” … and even maybe “Woohooo!”. They are far too nice these friendly Dutch people and I love them for it.


After her second set – yes, there were two sets and a break in between, you know the kind of regular break, where all the little lesbians meet up at the womans’ bathroom to fresh up their mascara, put on some lipstick and re-powder their taint … straighten their ties, gel their hair and tie their sneakers. However, after the second set Sarah came out for one (in numbers 1) encore and I started to ask myself … continued to ask myself what the Enschede crowd must have done to deserve such an artist behaviour. Sarah beautifully covered Bonnie Raitt’s “I can’t make you love me” and got four times more than the appropriate appreciation for it. She really has a great fan base.

Eventually she waved. Smiled. Bowed. Smiled again and wasn’t seen anymore.

Her merch stand, defended as the last bastion of artist-fan-interconnection by two short haired girls with folded hands, held three different kind of shirts with the tiniest print size possible and two buttons. No CDs. No fan art (posters that is). Nothing. And until that night it had never occured to me sooo much that concerts are actually one of the most important tools to get people to download your music on I-tunes and not steal it, to let them become a fan of you without knowing anything. And to let them buy your stuff to remember these great nights, where they were lucky enough to pass some time with you in the same room and listen to what you created for this world. The success of a merch stand underlines the quality of the concert.

The two nice merch girls from that night in Enschede just didn’t have much to do except for folding their hands and praying for a better concert comprehension of their most favorite artist.


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… to fresh up their mascara, straighten their ties, put on some lipstick, gel their hair, re-powder their taint and tie their sneakers 🙂

one solution – inclusion (or….revolution in thinking)

you would look ridiculous with gelled hair by the way 😉

have a really good day!
music recommendation today: dikanda – kokodoi

the maria

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