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Cute blue-eyed indie-pop: Hanging out with Miss Kenichi
January 15, 2009, 4:13 pm
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Amongst the most pleasurable moments in life are these rare nights where a cold beer, a little stage with golden shimmering lampshades and a new unheard acustic sound awakens and amazes the inner ghosts, which would be rather well asleep at that time. An interesting new sound that brings the inner self back to a more concious state of mind: gazing and listening.

Miss Kenichi, alias Katrin Hahner, hit the cozy couch corner of Münster’s amp yesterday night and brought along her own little set of simple but mellifluous melodies accompanied by a raw and solid E-guitar sound and a reed organ. The multi-talented young singer / songwriter who studied performing arts as well as art in Ulm and Stuttgart is currently on a solo tour through Germany with her second album “Fox” (Strange Ways Records). Her first album “Collision Time”, which came out under a small independent German HipHop label “Kinderzimmer Recordings” in 2006, has already been received very well by the Indie community and critics. “Fox” easily manages to tie in with her former style on “Collision Time”, though with a more rigid song structure – abstaining from drum use at all –  and a floatingly raw but pure sound.

Tying the guitar cable infront of her knees and not at all nervous: Miss Kenichi on stage

While she addresses her inherent search for places and travelling mostly, she manages to pop up magical images in the listeners head with just one line of lyrics. Playing with moments and sound seems to be a mere finish and frame to the images. With the very explicit record theme of searching and never arriving, a recommendation is made to sign the third album with Rounder – a record label which was once founded by three students for the timeless and placeless music of vagabonds, tramps and hobos. For exactly the kind of interesting and never arriving people she might sympathize with. Nanci Griffith, Bruce Coburn, The Cowboy Junkies and Kris Delmhorst have signed with Rounder. Way to go Miss Kenichi.

Concert highly recommended & here are the dates:

15.01. Kiosk Royal – Hannover
17.01. JuZ – Leer
27.01. OstPol – Dresden
28.01. Ilses Erika – Leipzig

Having fun with the g-string: “This has never happened to me before. The guitar players among you will probably laugh about me now but I swear, it’s the truth.”


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