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Dissertation Teil 6 – The neverending discussion
February 12, 2009, 7:30 pm
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Did you ever ask yourself why people discuss their results in detail? Why can’t other people just read the results and have a look at the freaggin’ methods and then go: “Heh, wow.” or “Well, that should have been obvious in the beginning already!”

Freaks! All freaks! (Here’s the score… .)



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144 pages – you win! the fucken jackpot! if you want, even the janepot.
you’re finished. quick dash to the finish line and —– it’s handed in!!!!!!!!

congratulations from the cold white south
your new life begins – now. no, ähh, yesterday, it started yesterday. i’m sure. hugs. bye. m.

oh, my third wisdom tooth is lying beside the computer. i’m such a tough kid. i didn’t even cry. only almost died of fear. but that’s ok. one less tooth to cause pain. that’s what counts in the end i guess.

Comment by mary-lou

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