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Introducing the One-Week-Project by Sebastian
March 10, 2009, 4:18 pm
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As some of you know, I met this great guy Sebastian last year during my seminars for professional development. Funnily he wasn’t attending the seminar, he just offered me warm meals and a place to sleep so that I didn’t have to stay at the fancy hotel where the seminar took place. And strangely enough getting to know him was as much of great value for thinking over and reflecting my life as the seminar itself.

In the meantime he moved to the “Pott” and came up with this great idea to dedicate each and every week of his life to something new for the next 52 weeks – to explore, experience and I guess to check out limits. His project is called the one-week-project and you find it here.

Here’s his brief introduction:

During our whole life, we are forced to experience things. Some of them happen without our influence (e.g. school, love, death, and more), some happen as we look for them (e.g. being a vegetarian, becoming a Buddhist, fasting).

Modern lifestyle has made a permanent search for new experiences become an important part of most people’s life – that leads to a massiv attendence at fasting seminars, new or old age religions, more or less senseful eating behaviors, special dressing styles, and further.

Second, time has become an important good. As well as modern people no longer cruise the world on a ship, but circle it with a plane (see the world in 10 days!), video cuts should not be longer than a minute, and mobile internet connections can’t be fast enough. The only thing that is slowing down seems to be the speed we’re traveling with at rush hour.

I’ll invite you to drop by his blog and comment or inspire his ideas and maybe you find something interesting for youself.

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