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Bis ans Meer
August 17, 2009, 7:35 am
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For someone who didn’t grow up with the ocean or a coast, that at least is worthy of its name, it is a bit tricky to understand why people do like the sea. It’s nothing more than an huge stretch of water, that – at some point – meets the horizon and continues to be: sky. However, I might have learned to appreciate this huge stretch of water a little more during this past weekend, despite of the one or other tourist, kiter and obscure DJ @ la playa (<- only and worst club at Usedom). It’s just nice to hang out by the beach, if you’re overly tired anyways, to stick a toe or two into the water, if it gets too hot, and to follow the colorful kites and screaming seagulls, just accompanied by the soothing sound of the wind and the waves.

spiritual puzzles

two step


urban sinter

felt cruiser with wooden skull



flying by speeding evidence mines


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Long after mankind stopped believing in giant sea monsters and white whales, we problably know more about Mars or the Moon than about what covers almost 3/4ths of our planet’s surface, let alone what’s at its bottom. I personally could stare out on the sea and the horizon all day… best thing about being there.

You accidentally titled this with the name of one of my favorite songs…

Comment by urbanjunglepictures

“Accidentally”? Are you kidding me? This song was on one of the best mixed CDs that I got from a certain tremendous guy, that I know (who apparently forgets about the CDs he creates for certain girls…).

This title is purpose.

Comment by Anna

😉 Forgot that was on there.. but: this little label put out 3 albums, which are no more forgotten than any of the recipients…you need to see the artwork on the latest release

I need to get a skull like that for my bike

Comment by urbanjunglepictures

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