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I can hardly wait – Complicated Universal Cum
April 16, 2010, 3:45 pm
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There are f****n brilliant music videos out there. But today I found the best of them all: Complicated Universal Cum is the name of the band, that proved that you don’t need to spend a fortune on a video to make it a brilliant one. They didn’t even need a cutter!

One scene. One take. No cut.

Damnit! Who’s that genius who thought of that?

Four minutes of two beautiful girls kissing. So simple. So awesome. And this is why you get that if you’re not logged into youtube:

Apparently, if two girls kiss, it is so harmful that you need to be older than 18 to watch that. Now you may ask yourself: where is the violent content in two girls kissing accompanied by a smooth guitar sound and two pleasant voices singing a nice song? I haven’t quite found the answer, yet. Why can you not watch it with 14? Or 16? Or at age 10? Two people love each other and they show it.

Here’s my assumption: People must find that so beautiful, that they fear the whole world will turn lesbian after they saw it… . What do you think?

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Great video; great song.

Comment by Lou

And interesting point about the need to be age 18 to view it! Google is based in US, which is still very Puritanical. (Although on the other hand China doesn’t allow viewing of youtube at all.)

Comment by Lou

love the tenderness in this… it’s in such a refreshing anti-porn style. yes and the simplicity is also sexy.
i’ll join you on your assumption.

Comment by mary-lou

effectivement, elle est très sympa cette vidéo… mignon, doux, simple, naturel, efficace… charmant ! vive le printemps tient…

Comment by Estelle

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