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“Free is the new f-word.” (Poon, 2009)
March 11, 2009, 11:10 pm
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Berlin is a tremendously multifaceted city, now – during the days of the ITB – more than ever. Today for me was just checking out the scene a bit, finding the right destinations and visting a few conferences … oh, and lurking into hall # 6 where all of my “colleagues” sit and eagerly type their latest findings into their MacBooks, quickly sending them off to their newspaper, radio or TV station: “Press and Media” can be read on their little badges. Surprisingly it’s not them asking questions during the conferences, for instance when a certain Mr. Bittner from Switzerland lectures on “New innovative approaches in marketing and sales” which translates into “measuring people by their color preference.” On his company’s website he provides an utterly innovative test which – supposedly – enables tourism multipliers to offer their customers the right holiday at the right time. Please feel free to take the test. His company sends me off balooning and driving around in a vintage car. I am not quite sure if they got me right.

However, there are really interesting and rather pleasant conferences, such as the one on the future travel market with the recession, where I would like to quote Dr. Poon saying “We see recession like a common cold – eventually we’ll get over it. […], the weak will suffer the most. […] ” According to the Tourism Industry Intelligence, which she’s the managing director of, customers are not trading out but down, which means a closer focus on domestic travel. However, Europeans are expected to still travel Europe, though they are not expected to hit the common three number one destinations so often, which are Switzerland, Austria and Germany. A shift towards eastern Europe is expected. Domestic national German travel, however, will not counterbalance the decrease in incoming. 

Oh and then I have to share the best destination slogan I came across today. “Columbia, the only risk: I want to stay.” Brilliant!