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She’s doing it …
October 22, 2008, 8:28 pm
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again still. It might be hard to stick up against a Charles ‘Charly’ Gibson of ABC or a Katie Couric of CBS with their lifelong experience in the journalism interrogation business and heaps of difficult life-threatening questions concerning bail outs or neighboring countries … if you lived in Alaska for pretty much all your life and if you’re incapable not willing to name only one daily North American newspaper.

This might be the reason why Ms. Palin was recently addressed with a third graders’ question by some empathetic soul: “What does a vice president do?”

Listen to what it is she thinks that she’ll be doing from the beginning of next year:

… and compare it to what it is Joe Biden will be doing from the beginning of next year:

“As designated by the Constitution of the United States, the vice president also serves as the President of the Senate, and may break tie votes in that chamber. He or she may be assigned additional duties by the president but, as the Constitution assigns no executive powers to the vice president, in performing such duties he or she acts only as an agent of the president.” [source]

This is ridiculous. Tina, do something. I am desperately waiting here!