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100 things

According to some people, and lately according to me, too, it’s good to have clear objectives in life. I never thought I’d say that sometime but after accomplishing a seminar for professional development earlier last year, I reflected my past and thought that this was a good idea. So I came up with a 100 things-to-do-before-i-die list. Every item on the list doesn’t necessarily have to be carried out just because it has been put on there once.  As life and experiences change you, your objectives of what you want to accomplish in your life will change as well. Items can be processes as well rather than results. To highlight ongoing processes, I marked them orange.

Here’s what I have come up with so far (in no special order).

1. live and work in Canada for some time
2. live and work in France for some time
3. write a screenplay
4. write a novel
5. obtain an M.Sc.
6. live and work in Switzerland for some time
7. get your black and white photograph taken by Annie Leibovitz or Jim Rakete
8. obtain a Ph.D.
9. interview Sheryl Crow
10. go for a roller coaster ride with someone you can’t figure out
11. climb the ‘Dent de la Rancune’ with Stephan (2009)
12. make a movie and have it screend at the E.O.F.T.
13. win a prize for a movie
14. hike the Zugspitze north face fixed rope route in 1 or 2 days
15. drive a Volvo
16. drive a Saab
17. work at Süddeutsche Zeitung
18. live and work in Boston for some time
19. organize a major fund-raising music festival in Europe (for environmental research)
20. finish the GR20
21. direct a screenplay
21. write, direct and finish another screenplay and win another prize for it
22. study at some Grande Ecole in France
23. get married
24. get divorced
25. get married again
26. get children (1)
27. tell your parents that you love them
28. see Patty Griffin in concert again
29. itern at Light & Shadow
30. do some NGO work for the good cause and get well payed for it
31. organize yearly canoeing events
32. learn Dutch
33. be officially unemployed, play guitar and sing in the subway for money in Berlin (with a hat)
34. be officially unemployed, play guitar and sing in a bar for money
35. be officially unemployed and sing a political protest song in the pedestrian zone for no money … just for the sake of it
36. learn to do a flik-flac
37. learn to go into handstand without inrun
38. slackline over the Eisbach in the Englische Garten in Munich
39. go skydiving
40. cycle down the US east coast from NY to Florida
41. cycle through New Zealand

… to be continued…


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