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Grand photographs and little words – Annie Leibovitz and her lecture

Question from the audience: “In some cultures people believe that photographers can see your soul. Do you think that there’s a pinch of truth in that?”
Annie Leibovitz: “Well, you know, photographers have a soul, too and that’s the answer to this question.”

When soccer players are asked to comment on the victory or defeat of a match, the  most unnecessary situations arise. Surprisingly we are so much used to standard phrases like “The teamwork was really good today, so we won” that we don’t even realize the lack of meaning. Why is it not enough to watch a soccer game and take it for real, finite and done. Why are masters of a certain discipline put in the spot to prove sense of their achievements in their own words? Or in other words: what was that Annie Leibovitz lecture about?

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“How lucky, in a time of grief, to rebuild your life.” – Annie Leibovitz about her latest exhibition

Annie Leibovitz interviewed by Prof. Dr. Beatrice von Bismarck (HGB Leipzig)

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