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October 25, 2008, 3:08 pm
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Do you remember the Anheuser Busch commercial that came out 8 years ago with a bunch of guys hanging out, bored out of their skulls, “watchin’ the game, havin’ a bud”?
There’s a remake of it addressing the current US-elections. Have a look:

What I asked myself after watching it was, whether or not the remake acutally achieved what it aimed for. Because while these guys are talking, there are so many things going on and changing the actual surroundings. E.g. the guy in front of the notebook sees his stocks walk the planks, the guy in front of the door is stuck in the middle of what is supposed to be Hurricane Katrina (Do you actually blame the Bush government for that, too? – Or do you just blame it for the lousy job in the aftermath? ).
In conclusion: If change is what they want, they’re already having it. The funny thing is: they keep being imprecise about it. How do you want to accomplish a different goal from what you are having so far, if you don’t specify the direction? And what keeps you thinking that there is going to be change to the better for you, if you keep watching TV? Who the hell is supposed to get you change? One guy? – What is up with you?
And if this is the American attitude, then “good night and good luck”.