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A Songbird with New Songs: Wallis Bird Rocked the Gleis 22!
November 19, 2008, 2:31 pm
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Whoever of you thought “Ah … nah, can’t come, got something else planned.” Well, … wrong decision people, wroooong decision!

Wallis was beyond great as usual. It took her two minutes to make the venue a dancing palace, people just loved her. About half of the set contained her new stuff and it never occured to me once that something sounded raw or unfinished. I am convinced that you don’t even need to buy the next album to get into the songs more, because they grow on you live in an instant. (Which does not mean that it wouldn’t be money well spent to actually buy the album.)

Wallis Bird and band

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How Neo-Folk met Jazz, Soul and 60s Sciencefictiontrash…
November 16, 2008, 8:03 pm
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… and gave birth to a new era of live performance.

The most stunning woman live, Joan Wasser

When I went to see Joan As Police Woman, I was prepared to see a good Neo-Folk / Indie-Rock concert and expected nothing else. As Joan sneaked through the crowd 20 minutes before taking the stage, ducking in a pink down cloak, I frowned a bit. 30 minutes later I decided to join the mesmerized crowd, just starring at what she dragged along with her on stage: an extraordinary bass player with the most beautiful eyes, heavy makeup and the most stunning breast hair and this little Mexican-looking drum wizard – both painting a wonderful acoustic picture of what could be Soul-Jazz / Avant-Garde, always in perfect timing and with just the right amount of arrangements … spilling nothing but joy.

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Wallis Bird to play at the Gleis 22 – Reminder
November 14, 2008, 11:44 am
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Hey everybody,

this is me tugging your sleeves and saying: Go to the box office around your corner and pick up some concert tickets for Wallis Bird. She’ll play at the Gleis 22 for the second time this year next Tuesday, 18th November 2008 at 8:00 PM. Not going would be a damn shame, let me tell you this.

You’d miss this wonderfully talented, incredibly amazing, madly beautiful, flabbergastingly gorgeous and purely brilliant girl:

She will play some of her new songs and she’ll be there with her band. So: no singer songwriter guitar / stand alone act but a full concert. And I promise that if you’ve seen her once … you wouldn’t wanna miss her a second time. Now go, get out and buy your ticket. I’ll see you there.

Btw. here’s a link to a recently published interview with her, copied from one of the local newspapers and one-side long! I still wonder who that lucky girl was who got the chance to interview her. Huh ?!