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How Neo-Folk met Jazz, Soul and 60s Sciencefictiontrash…
November 16, 2008, 8:03 pm
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… and gave birth to a new era of live performance.

The most stunning woman live, Joan Wasser

When I went to see Joan As Police Woman, I was prepared to see a good Neo-Folk / Indie-Rock concert and expected nothing else. As Joan sneaked through the crowd 20 minutes before taking the stage, ducking in a pink down cloak, I frowned a bit. 30 minutes later I decided to join the mesmerized crowd, just starring at what she dragged along with her on stage: an extraordinary bass player with the most beautiful eyes, heavy makeup and the most stunning breast hair and this little Mexican-looking drum wizard – both painting a wonderful acoustic picture of what could be Soul-Jazz / Avant-Garde, always in perfect timing and with just the right amount of arrangements … spilling nothing but joy.

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London Baby!
September 20, 2008, 12:57 pm
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Two things that always work on stage of a rock set: leatherpants and high heels. Shelby Lynne rocked the Royal Festival Hall yesterday and: SHE. WAS. AMAZING! What a concert!

I even got to shake hands with her after the concert… which is actually one of the few advantages that you get when you’re sitting in the first row. She was just great. Lot of Dusty Springfield covers from her recent album, some old stuff and … all performed just very, very beautifully.

I was delighted when she played “Jesus on a greyhound”, probably my favorite song of all the records because it has very nice lyrics and a great storytelling touch with a pinch of truth: It’s just the way a song should be written. Have a brief look (song is cut twice … but well):

I guess the UK crowd was amused by her Alabama accent which I unfortunately didn’t get everytime. And it was nice to hear her talk between the songs and connect to the crowd. Yeah.

Cheers from London – this city is truely amazing!